Talking about the Tech Support Industry, it is one of the riskiest businesses which deal in the market. Tech Support Merchant Account deals with the merchants who want to get started with the payment gateway solution so as to expand their business. It offers merchant account services to handle risk determination. The right solution provider provides merchant accounts to many types of businesses in the technical support industry, which includes remote services.

What are the required documents while applying for Tech Support Merchant Account?

There is an online or retail business that starts while applying for a merchant account. To begin with the gateway services, merchants should fill out the High-Risk Gateways online application. Moreover, to keep the process moving along, businesses should have the following below mentioned processors & underwriters:-


• A valid, government licensed ID, such as driver’s license

• A Bank verification letter or a pre-printed voided check

• 3-6 months of the most recent bank statement

• 3-6 months of processing history (if available)

• An SSN (Social Security Number) or EIN (Employer Identification Number)

• Chargeback ratio must be less than 1-2 %

Most noteworthy, there are merchants who prefer to have a functional website & with modernized features so as to expand the business.

Your Business is Unique, it requires a unique solution!


Receive the Tech Support Merchant Account Processing Volumes raised

Various tech support merchants have hopes of creating a $100,000 per month business. The diplomatic issue is that many tech support merchants who end up a monthly credit card processing volume cap. Accordingly, this means merchants are limited by a certain specific dollar figure. They accept these through the Credit Cards. So, once the limit reaches unto limit in a month, the merchant gets shut down for that month. Start-up’s in this industry end up at a cap of more than $40,000.


The good news in this is that fast-growing merchants need high volume ceilings where the merchants can request for new caps in as little as three months’ time duration.

High-Risk Tech Support Merchant Account in the USA for Tech Support Industry

The United States of America is a huge market for these services. Technical businesses offer IT Support services to small & medium businesses which have been 14.4% in the mid of the year 2012 & 2016. Tech support services offer infinite flexible services to small & medium businesses. This helps to optimize security which helps to expand the business.


This Tech Support Merchant Account provides the game changer role in the business. Most of the businesses seek IT Support which has an employee base of less than 25. The small enterprises require a proactive PC & Tech support from the skilled IT support companies. They emphasize on the sales & core competence wherein every progressive company does.

Tech support companies based in the USA tremendously offer best-in-class apart from services to capture a huge market. They handle B2B & B2C clients. This planning helps out the technical organizations to target a huge market. The Tech support companies accept different modes of payment so as to enhance the business globally.

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